Podcast with Honest Cash Founder (+ Help Venezuela)

Jun 16, 19

HC community,

If you are reading this, you are probably a fan of Honest Cash. Here is the story. A 30 minute interview with the CE-Oh Yeah Adrian Barwicki.


I am excited for the development of platforms like Honest Cash. I hope we can slowly move away from centralized publishing platform and take ownership over our content.

As stated in the episode any BCH raised in this post will go to Bitcoin.com's Venezuela efforts (Bitcoin.com/Venezuela)

Of course you also donate directly at the page above or help out our good friend Jose and his EatBCH campaign.

Thank you,

Matt of the Bitcoin.com Podcast Network


2019: 10 years now family and friends will either say: "Remember when you worked on that silly project Bitcoin Cash" or "Wow, you were working on Bitcoin Cash back in the day, a global currency that has helped many people around the world own their money." or "jackass, stop saying I told you so"

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