The Mask of Fear

Jun 16, 19

There's a lot of things to be aware of when you live in Venezuela and decide to go out to the streets these days and even if you are in the "safety" of your home, depending on where you live, you might not be safe at all, especially if you live in red zones with high criminality or in areas frequented by protesters.

But if you are ever out on the streets or in a window in your house or apartment and you see one of these terrorist (that's what they are, change my mind) wearing these masks, you probably will met with a terrible fate unless you run out of there and disappear or take cover in your house, because when these guys are around, people die period.

In the beginning these guys where used to control high criminality areas in the capital city of Caracas but due to their effectiveness (They killed so many criminals and innocent people that the crime rate lowered, rumor has it over 150 people in a single day in one of the barrios) the government started using them more often, especially to attack and plant fear on the opposition manifestations, most of the times when people die protesting in Venezuela, I'll bet ya one vote that it was one of these guys wearing their dead masks which probably are inspired from the movie "The Purge" or some other movie that I've not seen, wearing those uniforms with those masks has only one purpose after all, fear.

Fear has been a tool of control for the revolutionary government since 1998 but it was sort of under control until Chavez died and Maduro took power, mostly because he's a hard line classical Stalinist-communist dictator and they only handle dissertation one way, dead or sometimes if you are lucky, they kidnap you and beat you up and throw you somewhere to be picked up by a good Samaritan.

The government keeps getting isolated every day thanks to the action of almost every continent in America and Europe, they are running out of funds and they are repressing the people harder than ever but it seems like the opposition is yet to run out of steam and they keep getting diplomatic wins abroad every other day, hopefully all these small wins outside of the country will amount to something and allow a peaceful end to this but with 2 governments claiming the same turf, anything could happen.

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11 Apr 19 06:07

It is more than sad what is happening there. And also sad to watch how the world don't lift a finger to solve the problem. I told you that there is a world-wide commie infection. They are unable to recognise the enemy. By the way, just tell me you are not live there.

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12 Apr 19 02:30

Yes, this communist infection is all over the world and every day is more and more perceptible everywhere, on tv, on social media, they are starting to become more public. just look at the stuff people are liking and sharing on social media these days and yes, I still live in Venezuela.

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12 Apr 19 05:59

Take my ultimate sadness for your situation. I hope you realize that your opinion about the subject is currently worth hundred times more than the world press itself. I suggest you to write as much and as detailed articles as possible.

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12 Apr 19 08:29

Thank you! that means a lot and its the complete opposite of what I find everywhere else, traditional social media I am often told that my opinion is invalid because I live here but the opinion of people that live thousands of miles away is more valid cuz they read the news ffs.

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12 Apr 19 02:46

The only opinion what counts is for those who live there. Anybody else is just repeating the garbage of the mainstream media. The exceptions are those who know a thing or two about communism and economics. For them, this is obvious.

Is there any chance for someone going to localize and punish you for writing anti-government articles? Or they have bigger problems currently?

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