79% of Venezuelans Want Maduro Out

Jun 16, 19

79% of Venezuelans Want Maduro Out

On the latest reports from a poll run by Data Analisis, 79% of Venezuelans are ready to see the dictator leave the presidency this year and over 90% of the population agrees that the overall situation of the country has degraded a lot.

This poll comes at a time of really big tensions in the country, especially due to the pressure coming from the inside by Interim President Juan Guaido and the external pressure by the international community including almost every country in South America supporting the cause of freedom for the country.

This past week alone tensions have raised a lot due to the visit of a UN committee to inspect the current decay of the Venezuelan situation lead by the ex-president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet that most people expected would lead to nothing due to her ties with multiple socialist leaders in south america but it ended up being the complete opposite, her reports displayed everything Venezuelans have been claiming for ages. Inhuman conditions in hospitals, lack of medicines, food, oppression and torture.

In my opinion, what makes this worse is the hypocrisy of the government, one day they claim that nothing is wrong with the country and that we are one of the most prosperous nations in the world, that countries around the world envy our services and the next day, after claiming all of this, they say they will be accepting Russian humanitarian aid to relieve the "situation" while at the same time blocking humanitarian aid coming from the whole world thru Colombia and smuggling gold on sketchy Turkish and Russian planes to Turkey and Uganda (might as well join the evil league or something top kek)

Some states in the country are being hit worse that others, thanfully the state where I live and most of my family are is one of the least touched by the events of the past few weeks regarding the power outage but there are other states that are still experiencing lootings and chaos in the streets due to the terrible state of the services and lack of food. We don't have the official numbers of how many people have died since March 7th but the estimates are not good, especially on the states affected more harshly by the situation.

I'm still hoping for a peaceful resolution to this conflict, maybe Maduro wakes up one day and decides to leave everything behind and escape to Turkey or Russia before the international community decides that the only way to deal with the Venezuelan issue is to invade the country. Almost 4 million people have left the country in the last 3 years and the number just keeps rising and rising, this is a huge brain drain that will take decades to recover from especially due to the fact that the country had 35 million people at most (It's hard to find accurate census data since it has been a lot of years since the last census of the population).

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