Best Crypto Airdrops Of Week #31

Jul 30, 19
Week of goodies 
Week of goodies 

Another week and another set of airdrops to talk about. Bit less entries this week compared to last, i felt there weren't that many special ones ongoing to be honest and ive seen actually lot of failing payments. Probably entered over 100 ones at this point and something tells me that only 10% end up actually paying up. SUN Airdrop - (KYC)OVR Airdrop - - - - (NO USA)Komodo & ALGO airdrop - -
--------------There's been lot of projects that are doing selfdrops like The Golden Token, Saga and EBET please understand that lot of these are ponzis and are using ETH funds to jack up the price. FailToken - - - - - -

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