Today I peed on Pokkst.

Sep 7, 19

Today I peed on Pokkst. I did. The next morning, I did again. But this time, I had two reasons. First of all, they were about to release that "sneaky asshole" of a game. And second of all, because I was in the restroom. And I peed in a public restroom. I had never done that before.

Today I peed on Pokkst. He is not the only one who pees on Pokkst, but this is something special.

Today I peed on Pokkst. The first time I did, two guys came up and asked if I was OK. They were very helpful, and we all shared in the experience of our friends doing the same thing. I think I will have to pee on many, many more Pokemon and Pokkst in the future.

Today I peed on Pokkst. As of now, no one knows how I did it. Maybe it slipped out of my bag, I may be a very careless person, and I forgot about it. But even so I can't recall if it was a good idea.

Today I peed on Pokkst. You know what that's like? He smirks as if he already knows.

Today I peed on Pokkst. I didn't give a fuck about my brother's feelings or mine. I just peed on a fucking stream.

Today I peed on Pokkst. It's a good idea for a quick little shower.

Today I peed on Pokkst. I did this because I am a dirty, filthy person and it turned out pretty cool. It turned out pretty good, too, by the way, because I realized that I can't remember my real name anymore, but I still remember my Pokkst.

Today I peed on Pokkst. I'm a little ashamed of that and I will apologize. I don't want anyone who sees me there to judge me. I'm glad to be there. I'll admit however that if you've ever seen that piece of art on the back page of a magazine - I'm glad to be there.

Today I peed on Pokkst. I did not do so by accident.

Today I peed on Pokkst. Thank you.

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