Wandering into a new platform

2019-08-05T16:23:02.000Z Honest Cash

Am I seriously doing this again?

Well, I've created an account, verified, and I'm writing this post - so I guess I am at least open to the possibility. I've recently left another platform and after the sadness of the departure, sadness about what's happening to that community and many, many, many who asked (and continue to ask) me, "Where are you going?  We will follow you!" - I suppose I'm starting to wonder if this could be that "new" place, should I choose it.

I didn't leave with the intent of joining another community. I left because the previous platform was no longer a good fit. I'm not a "rebound relationship" kind of person, so I certainly wasn't looking for some new platform to come fill a void. I'm currently working on three other projects with the time that I'm saving from NOT posting, networking, reading, commenting, cheerleading, community building, etc. and I've been pretty happy with all my extra time. So, though I AM posting here now, I'm also grimacing. haha  

The fact that I am here - writing this first post - makes me realize that there are still some beneficial things about a social-crypto platform that I do miss. Before I continue to write here, I would love to have some feedback from this community.

If anyone would be so kind (and willing haha) to answer:

How is this place different than other social-crypto platforms?

Has it been interesting, fun, and a valuable use of time?

What is the one thing (or more?) that you dislike about Honest.cash? 

What is the best thing about it?

Are the communities here vibrant, healthy, diverse, supportive?

What kinds of toxic things happen here (if any) that you think need to change?

Are there any posts that you really loved on here that worked as a user-friendly "Here's what you MUST know about Honest.cash"? (If so, would you share them?)

I have to say that I'm really intrigued that this platform is based on a well-known cryptocurrency. The stability of the token would be a welcome change!  I do miss the community of like-minded, (usually) progressive thinking crypto-lovers, but I would rather not "dip my toe in the Honest.cash waters" if you all see some glaring warning signs!

That being said, I do love a good adventure!

Nice to meet you all! Would love to hear back from you!