Writer Bounty to Celebrate Honest’s One Year Birthday

2019-11-05T14:08:03.000Z Honest Cash

*UPDATE* We've extended the deadline to the 18th (Monday) of November!

We’re turning one this month! To celebrate, we're hosting a bounty to thank all of our writers for their encouragement and feedback. 


We want you to write a post either explaining a crypto concept in layman terms or discuss how cryptocurrency benefits the world. We’ll be granting $100 (in BCH) to three writers. The top three winning posts will be chosen based on the number of upvotes from unique accounts.


- One entry per writer.

- Tag your post with #honestbounty to be counted as part of the bounty.

- Entry ends on Thursday (November 14th, 2019) by 12am EST.


- Have someone proofread your content. You can also edit your post after submission.

- Share your post on social media so more people can find it.

- Have fun with it. If you like what you write, then others will too.

The winners will be announced on November 14th, 2019.

Good luck!



by @Paulo380

What a way to celebrate the achievements so far.. Gonna put up something for this. 


by @Dtwo

Just found out about this now. This is nice. Would try to come up with something.