Honest Cash Transparency Report and Warrant Canary

Jun 16, 19

Since our beginnings in 11.2018, ViciQloud UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Honest.Cash, and all related subdomains have received and complied with 0 (zero) government requests for information regarding our user data.

If this notice disappears from our website, it will mean that we have been served with some sort of legal demand that requires our secrecy.

As part of our commitment to making Honest Cash an open and transparent platform for self-expression, Honest Cash publishes transparency reports discussing the government requests we receive for user information, how we respond to those requests, and what we do to protect our users' privacy rights. 

Feedback? Let us know at info@honest.cash.

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3 Jun 19 12:02

I hope this system will remain uncensored.

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20 Feb 19 06:40

This "transparency" note seems pretty orwelian. You are saying that your government can order you to secretly act against your users? Are you living in some totalitarian repressive regime?

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14 Mar 19 08:53

Like in the US? Due to the Patriot's Act, the US government sure can ask any service provider to provide users' data without noticing them.

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16 Mar 19 07:25

Of course the USA is a rogue state and police state and completely out of control. It has been a rogue state for a very long time. I see that Honest Cash is based in Germany and looks like Germany doesn't offer any protection for personal rights either.

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