About Honest Cash

2018-11-22T00:25:04.000Z Honest Cash

Our mission is to improve the quality of content on the internet by getting people paid for creating and discovering good content. We're making everyone in the world an entrepreneur on their smartphone.

We believe peer-to-peer payments are the missing piece in social media. The lack of payments is why the internet is filled with clickbait, spam, and fake news. People should be able to earn money directly from the people who support them. Not everything should be funded by third-party advertisers.

Furthermore, we want to get everyone paid - not just the people who create good content, but also the people who discover, curate, edit and moderate good content. Everyone who contributes to high-quality content should earn money for their work.

Why Honest?

During the Nov 2018 hard fork of bitcoin cash (BCH) we have seen content censored by other platforms. The content was removed and people were banned. This led us to start Honest Cash. The first step we did was to write down the principles we believe in and want to flow into the building of the Honest network.

Honest Manifesto

  • You earn if you create good content
  • You earn for finding and promoting good content
  • Privacy-first
  • Uncensorable
  • User-centric
  • Community-driven
  • Decentralize without sacrificing user experience

Honest is a platform built for the crypto community, not advertisers.

  • quality instead of quantity
  • original ideas instead of sponsored content
  • clean reading experience instead of pop-ups & banners
  • engagement instead of click bait
  • viewpoints, not pageviews

Honest is based on Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash is a revolutionary decentralized digital cash that can support millions of cheap micro transactions a day. Every account has a connected Bitcoin wallet. Users can upvote content and send bitcoin directly to creators without any intermediary.

Transparent roadmap

We have published the roadmap under https://github.com/honest-cash/honestcash. We value feedback and contributions from the community. If you think we should optimize the roadmap to match our Honest manifesto better, join our Telegram group and submit your proposals: https://t.me/honest_cash.