It is finally there: opens its digital doors for all

2019-07-09T18:57:30.000Z Honest Cash

First known for its cryptocurrency-backed IPFS-backed video hosting platform and for its Bittube browser extension, the Bittube team has rolled out, the site that tries to mirror facebook, youtube, reddit plus some other capabilities combined, all bundled into one hefty platform.

The project is still in beta, so it's raw, unpolished, spammy and full of bugs, its economic basis is debatable, yet some of its features may be of great interest to its many potential users - both readers/listeners/viewers and content creators alike. Last but not least it's its monetization feature (called Airtime) that also allows the user to give/receive donations using their bittube token, or move their funds elsewhere.

And in case you're interested, here's the extension link: (dunno if it is a big deal to have included a referral tag here, but you can omit it). Signing off, Yours, DV