XT Won't Follow May '19 BCH Fork

2019-05-07T21:47:09.000Z Honest Cash

Bitcoin XT will not follow the scheduled BCH hard fork on May 15, 2019.

Since its founding in 2014, and like later "big block" clients, XT has pursued the Bitcoin of low fees and on-chain payments that was so successfully developed during the days of Satoshi and Gavin Andresen.

XT has striven toward a decentralized path for the evolution of the protocol - a path that would be driven by the operators of Bitcoin, miners, whom the beautiful system invented by Satoshi places in the role of representing the interests of the rest of the economy by building their chain. The most important advantage of having multiple implementations is giving the network some of the means for decentralized governance.

Our ideals are expressed in our implementation of BIP100, which is a framework for miners to agree on the evolution of the maximum block size without creating sudden economic changes, disruptive forks, or even lots of little forks. This framework, like BIP101 and other non-forking block size plans before it, allows the mining population to follow a supermajority. Of course nothing can, or should, prevent a deliberate hard fork.

We provided BIP100 implementations for the other major codebases of the time (BU and Core). At least since Mike Hearn's departure in January 2016, XT has never attempted to become "the new Core". Yet despite miners like ViaBTC and Bitcoin.com signaling BIP100 support in blocks, miners eventually chose to abandon this path at the original BCH fork.

We also expressed our ideals by adopting, along with Bitcoin Unlimited, the broader BIP135 framework for executing any kind of forking change, soft or hard, in the same way that BIP9 was used to successfully activate new features on BTC, and also to successfully defeat activation of segwit, until that change's supermajority threshold was drastically lowered.

Regrettably from our perspective, BCH miners have not embraced the forward-looking stance of respecting a supermajority of themselves in matters of protocol evolution. Instead, they pursue a strategy of scheduled hard forks at regular intervals. Such a strategy allows for a majority implementation to effectively act as gatekeepers of determining the content of these scheduled forks and is anything but representative. The artificial deadlines are a centralizing and ultimately destabilizing force on development.

With the governance strategy BCH had adopted, the advantage of multiple implementations is negligible.

For these reasons, we are not developing a Bitcoin XT release that is compatible with the May '19 BCH hard fork.

Is BCH splitting?

No. The Bitcoin XT software will become obsolete. You need to switch to a different node. We suggest Bitcoin Unlimited which is most closely aligned with our ideals.




RE: XT Won't Follow May '19 BCH Fork

by @Tuventure

Thanks for developing the software. "Regrettably from our perspective, BCH miners have not embraced the forward-looking stance of respecting a supermajority of themselves in matters of protocol evolution."

Perhaps some stronger communication and PR with the miners? I'm not an expert, nor miner, but from what we see last Nov 2018 upgrade, it seem miners weren't committed or communication to miners was limited. Perhaps I am wrong. Looks like only publishing the software and putting a note readme.txt there.

Hence alas a big storm happened, some miners followed one camp, some used another camp to increase hashrates. So on and so forth. In the end, we all lose, when we are comparing with bitcoin Blockstream.

Miners perhaps need, or should reword it as, developers need to go out, meet, call, Skype, have a meal, discuss, with mining pools and miners. Have a good rapport! Make sure all are happy!