Rooting (sense of belonging)

2019-07-25T12:35:39.000Z Honest Cash

• Rooting • (sense of belonging) . . . . . . . . Today I publish this black and white photograph to remember something very important in all of us, the roots, is that sense of belonging to which we are linked from a certain time, or since we were born and continue to live in the same City, that geographical space where we started , we start or continue is a fundamental part of our home, since our home is only composed of the space or physical area where we acquire a house to make life in it, it is also our City, composed of its various natural scenarios, parishes, municipality , state and country, all that entails the love and love towards all the facets that we develop in life, that space that is shared, and that must be used ecologically in the broad sense towards all, those who have roots, sense of belonging, We will always act in accordance with good use, care and maintenance of these areas, avoiding dirtying walls, streets, properly disposing of wastes You and the garbage, taking care of the environment and promoting the maintenance of spaces and ornaments. In our beloved Historic Angostura today Ciudad Bolívar.   

"La Cocuyera" beach, Orinoco River, Angostura Bridge, Ciudad Bolívar City, Venezuela. 

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