Marketing Social Platform Built On Blockchain

2019-08-05T01:57:35.000Z Honest Cash

Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech. MarketHive is a new free inbound marketing system which is undergoing a phased launch at the moment. It is a large integrated system, of which I have been using some features, such as leads and blogs system, for some time. I have found it easy to navigate and use with a Facebook type feel. The lead capture pages are very quick to configure with a number of different templates that require just a single file to be uploaded to your site to be up and running. A nice feature is, if you want to change the template, keywords, content,or video etc you do this in your back office and the change is reflected immediately on your website.

You can attach a series of autoresponder messages to send to your capture page contacts and again the message system is quick and easy to update. Every message that goes out indicates to the recipient when and where they signed up together with option of unsubscribing. The only feature I would like to see is the ability to switch a subscriber to another series of messages without them having to signup again via a capture page.

I do like the way the blog systems is set up to quickly share with social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also with fellow members of MarketHive. There is a selection of blogging tools which can be used to produce mixes of blog feeds, to produce unique contents, for feeds and sites. Like the capture pages you only need to upload a single file. A feature I like is the ability to change/correct content in a blog, perhaps due to a typo, any change is reflected wherever the content is used.

MarketHive is also integrated with YouTube and you can access and create new video from within the MarketHive video section. The more I use the system the more I realise what a time saver the system can be and have started keeping it open in a browser tabs so its there when I need and I am alerted if friends wish to contact me.

I have grown comfortable with the system and already starting to expand and use other sections of the system, which I can see as being useful to support my own business.

Markethive is the next generation Social Market Network on Blockchain bringing privacy, autonomy, and free speech to the people. Integrated into the system is an entire Inbound Marketing Suite, Ad Agency. eCommerce portals, Digital Media, Exchange, and e-wallet forging a sustainable ecosystem for entrepreneurs of every caliber.

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