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Captain Bitcoin is a blockchain media and rewards platform which showcases blockchain projects and rewards players for their attention with Bitcoin. OverviewPlayers view short videos on new blockchain products and companies, answer a simple quiz question after each one, and earn crypto in the form of Captain tokens for every video they watch. Everyone who holds Captain tokens is automatically entered into regular Bitcoin draws held daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. The more Captain tokens a player holds, the better their chance to win. The more players there are on the platform, the more Bitcoin is given away.Captain Bitcoin empowers both crypto-curious audiences and blockchain developers. It provides a platform for crypto companies to advertise their projects at rates far below social media giants and plugs them directly into a passionate community of crypto enthusiasts.Captain Bitcoin is designed to remove all barriers to entry, thereby welcoming newcomers into the crypto space. It automatically creates a wallet on sign up into which it pays Captain tokens and any Bitcoin winnings. Every Bitcoin draw is performed by a smart contract, so they’re completely fair and unbiased.In addition to the Bitcoin draws, players can convert their Captain tokensdirectly into Bitcoin at any time with the touch of a button, no cryptocurrency exchange necessary.Mission“ Crypto needs a hero, and the true hero of crypto is Bitcoin. As a technology, Bitcoin promises to change the way we communicate value across the whole planet. It’s not just a digital currency, but a technological platform where a radically new global financial system will be built.Captain Bitcoin is our talisman, he’s the hero that will communicate the message of Bitcoin to the whole world. And what better way to get everyone excited about Bitcoin than giving it out at scale?” — Harsh Jani, CEO.The founders are passionate about education in this sector as the world is rapidly changing and blockchain products have the potential to completely overhaul existing systems. They feel it’s important for people to learn about this and positively incentivizing education is the way forward.

Captain Bitcoin is currently running a competition giving away $15.000 in Bitcoin and millions of Captain tokens to his earliest adopters. The competition is simple and users can win rewards of up to $2.500 in Bitcoin by simply sharing the below referral links with their family, friends and followers.

Also “The Early Adopters — CAPTAIN TOKEN give away” — register to get captain token (Amount depends on your registration time)

Step-by-Step GuideRegister on Captain Bitcoin’s Website : Click hereVerfiy your E-Mail.Invite friends to earn 1.000 captain tokens for each referral.Referral competition: Win the price pool which is worth up to $2.500.

To celebrate the launch of Captain Bitcoin, the team is giving away $15,000 USD in Bitcoin to the earliest players who help build the Captain’s community by referring friends and family.

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