witnesses [finnéithe]

Jun 16, 19

swanning down soft focus lantern-lit streets --

full of sleep -under night's blanket thrown,

god's finger raised to his lips in a hushing pose,

staggering silence sat upon its golden throne,

ambled aimlessly around now for one too many summers,

yet still; never lingered quite long enough to simmer,

fawned in the shimmering headlights of the oncoming,

overawed in the presence of life's ongoing glimmer,

in this moment:

the ancient holy dance of playful particle vibration resonates…

recalling; in this moment:

the dust which we will all return to; flickers in reflection at the eyes of recognition,

synchronicity is speaking… insistently and softly.

you don't have to answer -dear witness: only listen.

certified inhabitant of earth

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