rain falls in cadence

Jun 16, 19

have you popped your balloon my love? my dear, did it ruin your day? rain falls in cadence. 

hallelujah. amen.

tap on my window pane, i tear back the curtain; lightning - the jagged cosmic dance. yes lawd! 

hallelujah… amen.

you're stood on that familiar corner again - what a way life has of returning our present to our past, held hostage to comfy routine.

i want to sink in  -  and be fully immersed, so that when the time comes for my balloon to burst; it will be a joyous, jovial chorus of "now!"

we will scream and howl - twist, blaze and shout - talk shite all night long; surpassing all previous records of the same - oy vey -we thought we had peaked!

brother - it's only upwards from here. sister; stay true. lover; come over. father, i owe you -thanks for the fluffy hair. mother - what can i say? thank you for being there.

and showing me how to float along as one with the tide -but please, please, please don't ever forget: it's just a ride. 

certified inhabitant of earth

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