on arrival [ar theacht]

Jun 16, 19

too much to digest: time’s up for mastication,

noob meet rubix cube; more mental masturbation,

mark it with an ‘x’ like some kind of destination,

saw god reflected in the mirror at the train station,

baggage --

slipped discs, backs out: big risk,

stay in; go fish --

could’ve split the last dish,

feeling bait like the fly on the hook,

reeling? still shook — belly empty tonight,

front to back muscles still all twisted and tight,

sealing up my creased brain — leaking ingrates;

cockroaches scurry when exposed under light,

most favour curried knows it’s lacking in spice.

certified inhabitant of earth

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10 Feb 19 04:22

Such an interesting poem about a moment in life. I think the message I got is to embrace and appreciate everything to the fullest. I'm the richer for having read your poem. Thank you.

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10 Feb 19 07:59

I'm glad you enjoyed it and the message -it's important to be thankful for what we've got.

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