Creating Uncensorable Content

Jun 16, 19

I have followed both Bitcoin and Wikileaks since their earliest days. When the US government strong-armed Visa and Mastercard into banning donations to Wikileaks, it shattered the last vestiges of pride I had my country. The blatant and illegal use of power by special interests was too much for me to stomach.

I cheered as motivated people overcame the hurdle of learning how to use Bitcoin, in order to send donations to spite the government effort! It was a defining moment in my life: The obvious corruption and pervasiveness of the the deep-state, and the clear effectiveness of Bitcoin to circumvent it.

To protest the arrest of Julian Assange, I created the videos below. Julian is a hero and a martyr. He cleared technical hurdles so that leakers could speak truth to power, and is paying the price. Thankfully, those technical hurdles have diminished, though there is still much work to be done.

These videos show how to create uncensorable content. Content that can leverage the Streisand effect, getting easier to consume and harder to stop as efforts to censor content increase.

If Chelsea Manning had had access to this technology, she may have never needed Wikileaks. Leakers today can use these tools to broadcast information to everyone in every country of the world, and there is little that any government can do to stop it.

![Uncensorable Content - Part 1](

![Uncensorable Content - Part 2](

You can also download this content using IPFS:

Part 1

- IPFS Gateway - ipfs://QmQ1qLuUkR2BzJLYV3dABhqU8icQErQANHWHLacrccBwMj

Part 2

- IPFS Gateway - ipfs://QmcovGyUJ8WzGtULshG2KnnGrbs3hApWtHDyfo1zBZZXhC

The links can also be found on which pulls it's data directly from the BCH blockchain. Here is the original post with links.

Finally, you can browse the Wikileaks trove of data at, and no one can stop you. If you have the IPFS browser extension, you can download that data directly off IPFS and view it in your browser.


Here are two additional videos.

A non-technical overview of how governments censor websites and content:

Demo: How to do Decentralized Publishing to circumvent censorship:

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14 Apr 19 06:53

Poor soul. Seems like he will have to spend his rest of the life in jail. But good thing is that he at least paved a way for the freedom of people.

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