Eucatastrophe. The Meta of the Tolkien Biopic.

Jun 16, 19

Tolkien biopic that was recently released is a good measure that the get woke, go broke repetition from the MS entertainment industry will continue until they financially collapse. Modern filmmakers and financiers openly use tactics of censorship and omission to craft their narrative even at the financial expense of the bottom line.

There are very good reasons Peter Jacksons LOTR Trilogy of films are timeless and their sister Trilogy; The Hobbit Films were met with less than favourable reviews.

Jackson told the truth to the best of his ability with the orginal film series.

He opted to craft The Hobbit into three films and not in the interest of truth.

Truth has a funny way of translating into success.

Truth resonates with the public, no matter how disaffected.

It seems modern filmmakers and the entertainment industry at large believe that they are more powerful than myth, than truth.

Even the most left leaning Tolkien fan recognizes that Tolkien was a life long devout Catholic. Its never been a point of contention amongst his fan base. This massive, intentional downplaying of Tolkiens faith in the most recent biopic is a glaring example of the disdain modern filmmakers have for the public.

The scope of Tolkiens works' influence spreads across the decades and lives in the hearts and memories of everyone: whether they’ve read his work or not.

Tolkien’s stories are now myth, part of the fabric of the modern world.

No man, no narrative is bigger than myth.

Censoring Tolkiens biopic and spinning it for political reasons only further intrigues disaffected youth to read his work.

Seek truth in the great myths of our time.

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