My Intro Post… Yup, I'm A Newbie!

Jun 16, 19

Hi everyone! I'm Luz and… I'm a newbie! I have no idea how this place works and… eh… where the heck I press to upload a pic here? Oh, wait… never mind, i found it! Ha!

Eh… I'm an amateur photographer who loves B&W pics and butchering photos in the editor… also I'm a dessert lover, an anime and asian movies enthusiast… I have steemit, weku and cent accounts so maybe you'll see me there too. Hope to make some friends here… and I'll be very lost the firsts days so have some patience with me! :) Wait… where the heck I add the tags in here?

Hurricane Rider - Dessert Lover - Anime And Asian Movies Enthusiast - Make Laughs Not War!

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17 Mar 19 12:36

welcome aboard! looks like you figured out how to tag in the end :) looking forward to seeing more of your pictures.

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16 Mar 19 03:59

Hi Luz! Is there a specific genre of Asian movies you’re into such as drama or comedy or by country like Korea or India?

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16 Mar 19 11:23

I like fantasy and comedies. Mostly I watch Chinese, korean and Indian movies :)

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16 Mar 19 04:16

Welcome. Any asian movies you like in particular?

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16 Mar 19 11:27

I don't have any favorite. I like Chinese fantasy, korean comedies and indian drama/horror movies

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