@Xerographica: Cent is like Steemit, Honest is like (but better than?) Yours

Jun 16, 19

(Will the @ in the title do anything? A @Xerographica here?)

Cent now has follows, and I immediately thought of Xerographica; I voted up Xerographica's post that goes into much more detail about the benefits of comparative voting and using real money on homework projects that are uploaded to Cent by students, recommending the usage of both sites.

I already agree with this idea, so even though it doubles the effort of posting, I decided to go for it again and post the Cent post to Honest as well…


What was my post?

"Cent Posts: Forced Singularity"

"I cannot right click and open the posts up in a new tab.

Is this deliberate?

I like to see multiple posts and multiple people - open up a space of exploration, and see the branches, follow, bookmark, or dive into subjects for a few hours - and then close it all down (usually) or… leave it open for weeks on end.

Currently, on Cent, I can only look at one post at a time.

That's frustrating."

Honestly, while I see Honest.cash as an honestly ironic name, it's honestly living up to the idea and ideals that are implicitly assumed on this site, and which would probably be a good idea to lay out explicitly at some point in the future, too.


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