I'll take my social business elsewhere, Cent.

Jun 16, 19

On Cent

- The formatting is subpar compared with Honest.cash.

- I'm being accused of being David, whoever that is.

- I'm "obsessed" with… something, according to RingMaster. The social climate here reminds me of imgur.

- Bounty enables making as many posts as you want?

It's FREE on honest.cash. Also, apparently my MetaMask

I don't need to be here. I don't like it here.

I'll take my social business elsewhere.

Maybe I'll come back sometime.

Currently, I have very little reason to.

I'll try out the bounty thing though.

Maybe I'll change my mind.


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12 Jan 19 09:41

"Honest will take the place of the long-form writing that I was doing on Weku."

(Source: https://beta.cent.co/+e5fahy)

Love it. Happy to have your on the Honest side :)

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14 Jan 19 06:20

;) Glad to be here.

The recent improvements have taken this place to a whole new level.

Are embeds being worked on too?

Honest doesn't seem to have them, but Yours does.

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