And I Can Log In Now! (To Castbox)

Jun 16, 19

I made a new Castbox account?

Smoke, Weku

On Minds, ello, Bitbacker, Weku, Smoke

Smoke is much kinder for editing in several ways:

It has an app.

I can just hold at the end of the line of text to paste, instead of putting in text like on Weku.

Four features - Commenting, editing, deleting, Link to post - at bottom of post, in that order.

It's taking a bit to get used to but I really like it.

And now on Yours, Cent, Honest, Memo

Castbox episodes:

Multiple Castbox Audio Episodes On Via Editing

Not Just, but eSteem too!

When Can't I Update? Does It Matter?

Use eSteem To Bypass Steemit Failure

eSteem!… Or Not. Picture test from Trello

"16 Social Networks"

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