A Successful Crypto Trader

Jun 16, 19

The cryptocurrency market is now fluttering, sometimes growing and sometimes its alterations.Many new investors are facing huge financial losses and many skilled players are profitable for every move. Every change will make you wise and skilled if you don't turn away ! later on, it will give knowledge to make the right decision. This is the knowledge of war-strategy.Without this knowledge, a trader is like a wounded antelope in the center of a pride of lions.The possibility of ruin a trader is not a question of 'if'.It's only a matter of 'when'.It doesn't matter if a trader is male or female,Republican or Democrat.It's all based on skill. In reality, markets don't move because they want to,they move because they have to.

There is always a group of traders who profit from these moves.This group can be divided into four …

1. Small Fishes

2. Whales

3. Institutions

4. Government

There are five specific methods that investors can use.

1. Pinpoint Srong Opportunities

Marshall Swatt,former CTO of Coinsetter,Said "Just like the NASDAQ bubble,there will be companies and tokens that go on to be very satisfied,likely a future Amazon".

"Find quality coins with the team you can trust to execute and weather the storm" suggested by Vinny Lingham,CEO of CiVic.

As a speculator,if the magnificent cryptocurrency market crashes, some of currencies/tokens could hold up very well.

2. Buy The Dip

Buying the dip can raise arrogant returns.For successfully apply this strategy needs an investor to time the market, many experts investor have described it is very challenging.

As Yazan Barghuthi,project leader of Jibrel Networks - "Buying a dip in a crash can be difficult,because when do you know it has bottomed out?"

As Petar Zivkovski,COO of Whalclub - "Buying the dip only works in a general bull market,If the global trend reverses, buying the dip is useless".

3. Exiting To Fiat Currencies

The efficient strategy is to share out money you can allocate to put at risk, and then stick with your plan regardless of the change-over in the market.

Some traders suggest trade in fiat currencies when crypto markets crash mudslide.

4. Hold On For Dear Life(HODL)

Whenever the cryptocurrency market is very damn harmed,One way to keep hope is to Hold On For Dear Life (HODL). Many of trader use this strategy if the market crashes.

5. Shorting Bitcoin

Traders can carefully breed lusty returns by shorting cryptocurrencies. Bitfinex, Poloniex and Kraken all offer this opportunity. Traders should be careful to apply this approach.

Note: Everyone should be prepared to invest in this market at own risk.

Images sources: pixabay.com

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