My first post, greetings to Honest people!

2019-06-10T15:01:52.000Z Honest Cash

Greetings to all the Honest community, I am from Venezuela, I love art and writing, I support cryptocurrencies and I believe that blockchain is a new step into evolution of mankind economy, BCH is one of my favorite coins and it has a strong community of incredible and smart people.

I love making new fiends and im always interested in another cultures.

I'll be sharing my photographs, videos, and reports in my blog, if you feel curious about what its gonna be just follow me and take a look at to what I've got for my readers.

Its just awesome that people can receive tips for what they can produce with their minds, I hope to receive some tips for my content, life is very difficult where I live and earning some tips for this could help me having a better life.

Thanks for reading