11 Questions for Blockchain Community Manager, Akane Yokoo

Jul 22, 19

This is something I wrote for Omnisparx.io and I wanted to post it on Honest.cash. (My first post on Hones.cash!)

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Akane Yokoo is a Community Manager at Bitcoin.com. She co-organizes the Tokyo Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Meetup, which is one of the most active BCH meetups around the world. Before she got involved in the cryptocurrency space, she had various jobs including accompanying corporate executives on business trips, working as a licensed realtor, doing property management and being an event organizer at the first restaurant in Japan to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment back in 2013. She finds joy in learning new things, and enjoys creative activities such as painting and dancing which she has not done much after being sucked into the Bitcoin Cash world. 

1) List five adjectives that describe you

➡️ Honest

➡️ Passionate

➡️ Persistent

➡️ Hard-working

➡️ Scorpio (Discreet)


2)**Which living person do you most admire?

Roger Ver, the CEO of Bitcoin.com, for his consistent and tireless dedication towards the global adoption of Bitcoin to help make the world a better place. I have never seen anyone so persistent in his belief and action. He is also a very caring person.

Photo: Corbin Fraser, Roger Ver, and Akane Yokoo on Bitcoin.com weekly show on Youtube

If I can slip in one more person — Juro Kurosawa — meetup co-organizer and long time Bitcoin supporter. His almost childlike passion and curiosity for Bitcoin, his broad knowledge, insight and ability to analyze and comprehend Bitcoin , and his ability to explain it to different types of people amaze me.

I can go on forever…there are so many other people I respect in this community.

Photo: Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup Organizers Juro Kurosawa, Aaron Gutman, and Akane Yokoo

3)What do you most value in your friends?



4)**Where would you most like to live?

Somewhere with lots of sun. I love the sun. By the beach would be nice.

5)What is your current state of mind?



6)**What is your motto?

Follow bliss and excitement.

7)Why are you passionate about your project?

See the world gradually adopt this amazing technology is extremely exciting and rewarding. I feel grateful that I can be a part of this movement. Anyone can be though!

One of my new ambitions is to bring more female energy to the crypto community. Women are a huge part of the world, and it would be great to see more women getting involved in crypto.

Photo: Female members of Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup

8)Tell us the best story about your community

Best stories happen almost every day especially at the weekly BCH meetups! It’s always unpredictable and exciting. We have a variety of interesting and talented regular members and visitors.

Photo: Weekly Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup

9)**What are three things you find the most challenging about your job?

➡️Having to do so many things with limited time, including catching up with the fast moving crypto world by reading news articles and social media posts constantly, though that is part of the fun.

➡️Although this is something I enjoy, having to be at the meetup every single week can be a responsibility, especially when you want to travel or when you are sick etc.

➡️Often having to explain to people how Bitcoin Cash is different from Bitcoin (BTC) and why I am involved in crypto other than the prices (still to my surprise, many people think of Bitcoin as “get rich quick” tool and not many think of using it as cash. Hope this will change.

10)What are three things about your job makes you feel the most fulfilled?

Seeing happy faces at the meetups. Seeing people getting something good out of meetups.

People who are new to** Bitcoin realizing how revolutionary it is** and getting excited.

Seeing adoption grow — more merchants accepting Bitcoin and people spending it

Photo: A ramen shop "Jinambo" in Tokyo, which Akane got onboard with BCH payment



11)What is your biggest accomplishment as a community manager?

Probably organizing meetups constantly.

Connect with community manager

You can connect with Akane on Twitter https://twitter.com/YokooAkane

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28 May 19 09:58

アカネ、何がかんがえった:どうしてちょっと少しだけ女の子はコインせかいにいるか? どやってもっと女の子がコインに持ってか?何がと思う、もっと女の子を持ってられるか?

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