Parachute Weekly Update: Parachute Plant Betting, aXpire @HFA, Uptrennd Brainstorm Sessions, Switch DESH tokens… – 3 May - 9 May'19

Jun 16, 19

Hiya folks! Here’s your week at Parachute + partner-land (3 May – 9 May’19). Enjoy:

Games Master Jason announced a new competition this week. A plant betting contest. 10 purple passionfruit seeds will be planted at the start of the contest. The challenge: which one will grow to 1 ft first. 10k PAR to buy a seed and enter the competition. Limited to 10 participants. All 10 spot filled up pretty fast. There will be bonus prizes for various milestones. The winner gets the pot. Purchases of special treatment is allowed. But purchasing negative effects towards the other seeds is not allowed. This week saw the commencement of the Uptrennd + Parachute Brainstorm Sessions where Parachuters can join in on discussions on a topic and win some cool 1UP tokens. The first session had lots of great chatter. It was on stablecoins and how folks felt about them. We will try to do at least one session each week on Uptrennd.

The contenders and the arena for the Parachute Plant Betting contest

Sam and I were bestowed the unique honour of being inducted into the aXpire Advisory Board as Community Advisors this week. We are now in the august company of some movers and shakers of the cryptoverse. The Kucoin trading competition was launched with 3.1M AXPR up for grabs. Sweet! ~50k AXPR was burned as part of the scheduled burns. Founder Gary was elected to the Global Board at the Hedge Fund Association thereby giving aXpire networking access to the entire HFA network. Folks who will be in New York in the last week of June, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Crypto Evolved conference which aXpire will be partnering. Due to the recent Binance hack, all API keys were deleted. Hence, folks running live bots using Cryzen would need to regenerate API keys. The team is considering implementing email alerts in the future for occurrences like these. Users of the Gem app would also need to create new API keys on Binance if they had the app linked to their Binance accounts.

aXpire Advisory Board

Uptrennd’s Jeff and Zachary from BOMB sat down for another epic discussion hour. This time they talked about DAOs. Intrigued? Have a look! Freelance graphic designers make sure to check out Uptrennd’s job listing for a part time job in their Design department. Do you have what it takes? If yes, let them know. It could lead to a full time position at Uptrennd. Good Luck! The team will be doing an in-depth review a project free of cost for which they put the community to a vote. The winning project will be announced in the next update. In case, you have been wondering about BOMB listing on exchanges, the team put out a detailed thread on what has been happening on that end. And as promised, BOMB was listed on an exchange soon enough. More details in next update. If you’ve been following the Switch project, take note of the following. A new token, DESH, has been introduced which will allow holders to receive Switch fees as airdrops. With the arrival of DESH, 100% of Switch and SwitchDex fees will now be airdropped to ESH/SDEX/DESH holders. Some details about how Switch plans to become more decentralized is mentioned in the article as well. SwitchDEX API was released this week too. Stablecoins WBTC and DAI were added as trading pairs on SwitchDex.

Switch token family

Onto some Birdchain news. Click here to catch up on the latest roadmap update. Birdchain also announced a partnership with Modr8 this week. 2gether was featured in an El Mundo article that explains how its card works with cryptocurrencies. Founder Luis Estrada appeared for an intereconomia radio show with Visa Spain to talk about their partnership. Remember Actualidad Económica selected 2gether as one of the top 100 innovations in finance & insurance sector for this year? The awards ceremony was this week. Check out pictures from the event here and here. Did you know that Ethplorer allows projects to put up detailed token descriptions about the token? If you did not, have a look at the ETHOS profile over there. Shingo’s tweet thread re-emphasises why the Voyager-ETHOS partnership is beneficial for both the companies.

CF’s uni life made easy. Courtesy of 2gether

The first draft of the TIDE whitepaper has been released. HYDRO fans can read more on it here. Hydrogen also joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance this week. The Alliance promotes Ethereum blockchain usage in enterprise applications. Co-founder Mike will be at the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit on 23-24 May. Make sure to pay their booth a visit if you are attending the summit. WednesdayCoin is now available on the Lordless platform to be airdropped to their users. Claim your WED today! Few weeks back we had mentioned about an ENS upgrade that would affect .eth domain owners. Turns out the update affected Name Bazaar. A problem has been identified and a fix is underway. For other weekly updates at dictrict0x, click here. Fantom’s monthly recap for April covers all that has happened in Fantomverse last month. We have covered most of these in our previous updates. Once Fantom launches its mainnet, there will be a couple of tokens that will work on the network. Read more about these in an article by Fantom CIO Michael Kong. Bounty0x is fundraising. Check out their listing on Republic for more details. As part of the fundraising efforts, WGNRadio interviewed CEO Angelo who explained about the platform to listeners on the show. Angelo comes live around the 11 minute mark. The latest bounty pay-out report was also published this week.

And with that, we close for this week. See you again with another update. Cheerio!

P.S. The cover image of this article is a picture from the laeconomica awards show where you can spot 2gether CEO Ramón Ferraz onstage with the award.

This article is a repost of my weekly update post.

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