Let's Talk Honestly About My Presentation

2019-09-19T17:54:43.000Z Honest Cash

Today I came to enter the social network that replaced Yours.org in relation to the supporters of BCH and I think we are happy because at the moment you can read that it is a free social network

My name is Roberto Garcia

My user AbgRobert is known in the Venezuelan ecosystem not only for my presence in social networks alluding to bitcoin cash but also for my work in the city of barquisimeto Venezuela, where we have achieved the adoption of several shops and we have done extraordinary activities in the framework of congress in two major universities in the city.

With my team we have managed to capture the attention of several companies and curious people of bitcoin cash as a real alternative of saving and use to transfer or receive remittances inside and outside Venezuela

I hope that in this Honest Cash user we can continue to attract the attention of other users of Venezuela to attract more public interested in promoting bitcoin and we will scale large amounts of transactions

Honest Cash seems to be a good place, give me votes to continue working for the community and for bitcoin cash