Michael Huemer's Case For Selling Kidneys

Jun 16, 19

Why Not Sell a Kidney?

I commented that he didn't address the main liberal concern… exploitation. He replied and so did I…

It’s the liberals who are concerned about exploitation. I am not a liberal. I was simply pointing out that your entry didn’t address their concern, unlike your reply to me. But it should be fairly apparent that most liberals strenuously object to sweatshops. As if getting rid of this admittedly bad option would magically materialize better options. Same thing with prostitution. And the infantry.

I don’t think that any liberal would object to a fireman’s freedom to risk his life endeavoring to rescue somebody from a burning building. Should the freedom to decide what your life is worth depend on your level of wealth?

You believe that everybody should have the freedom to sell their kidney. Should people also have the freedom to sell their heart? Should they have the freedom to commit suicide? If you believe that somebody should be free to kill themselves, then do you also believe that they should be free to sell themselves into slavery?

When I was a kid I was rather fascinated by the story of Esau selling his birthright to his brother Jacob for a bowl of soup. Well, it was lentil soup, which is really wonderful, but was it that wonderful? Just how hungry was Esau anyways? Would he have been willing to trade his kidney for the soup? Guys don’t say, “I’d give my left kidney for a date with Jennifer Connelly…”, they say that they’d give their left nut.

Do you care what your readers would truly be willing to sacrifice for this blog entry of yours? What difference would it make if we actually knew your product’s true value to society? When you go hiking, knowing the true value of the rocks that you encounter helps you correctly decide whether it’s worth it to carry them.

If you can understand the benefit of knowing what your blog entry is worth, then you’ll understand the benefit of knowing what your kidney is worth.

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