Where do I belong?

Jun 16, 19

I dont know where I belong. I like being around people, but then most people drive me crazy, I don't know how to spark up conversations. I dont like taking about myself to others, it seems prideful and uninteresting. In turn I really dont care much about listening to others. I have a problem trusting others because most people lie, embellish, make them out to be the good guy, gossip, tell stories, tear others down, think they know everything, past judgements. I dont want to be pary of that stuff. I want to hear, greatness, whys, building others up. I stay very busy and dont have much time for myself. I however get very lonely thinking about what it would be like to be wanted, needed and loved by someone that will not controll me. A friend with same interests. Someone to cuddle with, talk seriously to, share ourselves. Someone who I would be interested in and them to me.

Reddit memester and a sci-fi writer.

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