They say Bitcoin mining starts with a good CPU/GPU. In my case, I used the CPU (GPU on one) of 5 devices running mixed operating systems with the same mining software.

Jun 16, 19

When I started out in mining, it was a pain in the ass until I discovered CryptoTab Browser, which I installed in three Android devices, and two Windows computers.

The first time I thought it was a joke, but it actually works with my CPU. My phone and all other devices were not overheating at that time, which was a good sign until I discovered that it performs server dependent mining on Android devices and all the PCs are doing all the work.

I'd call that unfair for the Android devices. My PCs were burning up, but I had a solution.

Air conditions.

I begin to run the mining program on all devices all together, and boom! Every 10 minutes comes big profit!

The hash rate of every device is as follows (estimated after testing):

Samsung Galaxy Note5 = 20-50 H/s

MXQ Pro = 2-5 H/s (4-10 H/s if nothing else is running)

Telpad QS = 4-10 H/s

Toshiba Satellite L645 = 15-25 H/s

ThinkCentre M920t = 50 H/s (75-90 H/s on GPU)

People call this cluster of devices/computers a "bitcoin mining farm", or as I like to call it, a "bitcoin mine". Today, I'm still going strong with cryptocurrency and in a few years, I would finally get my first full bitcoin (1 BTC).

Reddit memester and a sci-fi writer.

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2 Jun 19 06:02

Can you still mine BTC or BCH yourself today?

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2 Jun 19 08:00

Yes, and I'm still doing it today. The business has been growing strong.

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2 Jun 19 08:16

Do you do it with special hardware or with the PC?

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2 Jun 19 08:32

I used 5 devices running different operating systems, with varied hash rates.

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2 Jun 19 09:28

Do you use ASIC's hardware? Is this still profitable at current electricity prices?

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