The confusion surrounding BTC SV, BTC Core, and BCH (Bitcoin Cash). My opinion.

Jun 16, 19

People say BTC SV is the first variant of Bitcoin. One user here proves them wrong, and he was just one dude! And I was on board with his dispute!

To be short, the small confusion is: if these three 9cryprocurrencies have the name Bitcoin, are they all powered in a big network or lots of it? I think there are more networks that support variants of it.

The big confusion is only between BTC SV and BTC Core, or as I like to call: "The war on who was born first". I swear, I saw Bitcoin first before BSV! I even searched it up and I saw nothing back then! Or maybe that's just my search engine acting up.

That's it. Thanks for reading.

Reddit memester and a sci-fi writer.

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