Starting off with Bitcoin isn't as easy as it sounds. Doing the same with Bitcoin Cash or any other cryptocurrency doesn't make a difference either. I know, 'cause I've been there.

Jun 16, 19

(This post contains profane language. As you start reading, you automatically agree to be at least 18 or above. Honest Cash and the writer will not be liable for any physical/mental damages caused.)

Once I first found out about Bitcoin through a YouTube video, I wanted to learn more about it, so obviously I visited their website and watched their video on bitcoin mining. The time I found out about Bitcoin (I can no longer remember), it was just about a few thousand bucks. Nonetheless, I still wanted to mine these little things.

So I grabbed my laptop, downloaded a miner and guess what? I had no miner's account, so I had to sign up in Slush Pool which was a goddamn pain in the ass since I had to get a confirmation email, and finally, finally I can mine. But guess what? I'm going to let you guess.

There is an error. An error without a clear solution. So I just gave up until I found out about Bitcoin faucets. I took my chances and used them. First, they'd go to a service named ePay (I forgot the address to the website), then once I got in the minimum withdrawal threshold (plus a miner's fee), I was able to enjoy my money. But that took me a long time.

I took my chances on and (this website no longer exists), and they both worked. The problem with is that it's been a few years, and my Bitcoin is not there on my wallet. The problem with the second one? Same with

I was hopeless. I basically quit mining Bitcoin and lived a normal life. Until I found out about this bastard again through a Fuzzy and Nuts video. I searched it again, and what I found, was a mining browser called CryptoTab Browser, and it was available for my phone, but I didn't install it yet.

I installed it on my laptop, believing it's real, and it installs just like Chrome does. It's basically a Chrome clone, but with mining capabilities.

I opened it, signed up, ran the miner extension, and lo! It actually started mining without any problems! But, it took a long time, so I waited.

Longer… Longer…

No. I can't stand it. I gave up again, but as I checked my balance, I had a small fraction of bitcoin (I had about 1,000 satoshi at the time I checked), and I was happy.

Later on, I searched for an Android version, and there was. I installed it and did the same. It does mine, however it needs internet. It's mining from a server. It's fine, as long as it mines. I got slow profits. But I was patient.

Give me a while later and I just discovered about Bitcoin Cash. They say it's an alternative to Bitcoin, but I didn't want to abandon my crypto-mission. So I downloaded a wallet, and went to this website, Honest Cash.

And here I am today, mining with my Android TV, my laptop, my phone, and my personal desktop.

From that moment on, I never quit. Not for a goddamned moment.

Reddit memester and a sci-fi writer.

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1 Jun 19 01:04

Why don't you accept tips?

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1 Jun 19 03:02

How do you activate it? I'm fairly new to this Honest Cash thing.

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1 Jun 19 03:38

Did you activate your wallet?

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1 Jun 19 09:08

Crap, I probably didn't. How do you activate the wallet?

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1 Jun 19 09:27

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