Unschooling Outing - Forest Roller Slide @ Kamoyama Park

Jun 16, 19

Today my son and I got out to Kamoyama Park in Niigata Prefecture, and climbed a little ways up the small mountain, to take a ride on one of his favorite roller slides. These slides are found all over Japan, and are one of the many wonderful things about the culture here, and its inextricable connection to nature. The enjoyment of fun and natural beauty. Not to mention the freedom and trust afforded to kids. A little risk is okay!

Please enjoy the vid here!

- GS

Founder of Voluntary Japan. Unschooling. Free Markets. Curiosity.

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25 May 19 01:24

Those rollers slides really are fun. I love the finish line by your son at the end.

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26 May 19 12:09

Thanks! I’m trying to upvote your comment, but I cannot vote. I don’t know why. Haven’t been able to since I started here. Also can’t upload a profile picture.

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26 May 19 12:55

No worries! The comment system is pretty hard to use itself. Have you tried asking on the honest.cash telegram?

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