The Unschooling Talk @ Our Local Free School was a Success!

Jun 16, 19

Today I gave a short presentation and participated in a discussion on #education and #unschooling at our local free school here in rural #Japan.

Individual minds are changing and waking up all over the world, and the philosophies of non-violence and individual self-ownership are becoming more and more articulated and promoted as awareness grows, even in places like Japan, where some might think (mistakenly so!) that this is unlikely or even impossible.

So, if you’re feeling a little downtrodden today by the bullshit propaganda and seeming hopelessness of the statist robot army we’re surrounded by, I hope I can give you a little hope via this short vid!

- スミス

Founder of Voluntary Japan. Unschooling. Free Markets. Curiosity.

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9 Jun 19 01:07

Would hope to see your blurbs over on

I have queries regarding an unschool program,

which could be discussed there, perhaps ?

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9 Jun 19 01:53

Hi, thanks for commenting. I’m not really familiar with I’ll have to check it out.

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9 Jun 19 02:55

You can also just email me @ Glad to help if I can!

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4 Jun 19 11:36

Really enjoy your videos and effort to do unschooling in Japan.

Coming from the outside, I noticed something that might help your unschooling promotion. Leading of with a verbal attack on the incumbent system has a big chance of turning off people who may be just mentally dipping their toes into the possibilities. Later on also talking about teachers stuffing BS into kids heads - I am sure you know that there are a lot of teachers out there that want to do the right thing for kids, want to help kids and do their best within the constraints they have and the system they know (not all teachers for sure). If you can avoid painting them with the brush of the system, it might avoid throwing up their defenses and let them absorb the ideas easier.

Always looking forward to your next update.

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4 Jun 19 11:49

I appreciate that. Of course, I don’t speak in Exactly this way when I am at schools, etc. That said, I used to be a licensed teacher. It was the blunt truths and realities presented unapologetically by A.S. Neill and John Taylor Gatto that really hit me, man. I think those that really want to hear, will hear. If pride gets in someone’s way, they probably are going to abandon freedom anyway, at some point. I will keep that in mind, though, and appreciate the feedback.

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