Hey guys, Graham Smith here, of Voluntary Japan.

Jun 16, 19

(I’m typing this on my phone, so if the formatting is subpar, please do extend at least some moderate degree of understanding.)

I just heard of this platform via a post by the Bitcoin.com official Twitter account. I’m sitting on the train now riding home from work with my mind spinning around all things Bitcoin Cash, crypto, and potential for the future. Like many of you (at least, I’m assuming), I’m excited about BCH for philosophical reasons, as much as I am for buying a new car, etc, etc.

I live in Japan. I have an online initiative called Voluntary Japan, which if you’re interested you can learn a little about here: https://youtu.be/qFUJtSHA6EQ

Last summer I made it down to the Bitcoin head office and had the honor of interviewing Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver. I was impressed. The guy seemed to actually care about freedom, and individual self-ownership, and economic autonomy. I’ve been disappointed by putting “thought leaders” on pedestals before, so I don’t do that now. But I felt that Ver actually gives a shit about principle, and the bigger vision behind this new tech.

Anyway, I grind away at a couple “normie jobs” for now, because I have to pay the bills. My family is an Unschooling family here in Japan, so I blog about that, and am a big proponent of the philosophy, as it goes hand-in-hand with everything else I believe in…which is basically those things that align with reality and the promotion of harmonious and peaceful and fair existence amongst humans.

The state is the most violent myth there is. Namely, the belief that violence is necessary for peace. No. It’s not. Self-defense? For sure. Violence? The current paradigm? Hell no.

So anyway, I’m glad to be here. If you wanna network or have any questions lemme know. I’m sitting on the train station bench now and a weird insect is crawling around my feet. Time to get home! So yeah. Thanking you in advance.


- スミス

Founder of Voluntary Japan. Unschooling. Free Markets. Curiosity.

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17 May 19 12:24

Welcome to Bitcoincash! Unschooling is a concept, many new parents can't see further the truth and freedom, but instead usually caught in a quagmire of fear and worry about unwittingly the children's future.

Write and share more on Unschooling. (*I bet many are reading this article you posted, just that there isn't an indication yet from counters or Like buttons, so keep on writing)

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17 May 19 12:41

Thanks a lot, @Tuventure. I’ll do that. Happy to be here, and appreciate the encouragement.

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20 May 19 12:11

I can’t seem to upvote or change my profile pic on mobile :/

Going to have to bust out the laptop tomorrow.

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