Wired Article: "Shouldn’t We All Have Seamless Micropayments By Now?"

Jun 16, 19

From this recent story in Wired:

"That’s right: The web’s founders fully expected some form of digital payment to be integral to its functioning, just as integral as links, web pages, and passwords. After all, without a way to quickly and smoothly exchange money, how would a new economy be able to flourish online? Of course there ought to be a way to integrate digital cash into browsing and other activities. Of course.

"Yet after almost three decades, that 402 error code is still “reserved for future use.” So I still have to ask: Where are my digital micropayments? Where are those frictionless, integrated ways of exchanging money online…"

" I want to easily support artists and writers without having to set up an account, create a password, fork over my credit card details,…"

"Bitcoin is not the answer,…"

Apparently the author of this article is still stuck in the intentionally crippled-coin universe (BTC) and as a result realizes that BTC cannot be used for small/micro-payment services due to fees/reliability/scaling issues etc… but has not yet seen/used Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and others that ARE doing these things!

Obviously micro-payments and MORE are happening today with BCH and others directly and via services like BitBacker, Honest.Cash, tippr and MANY more! (Feel free to list more below, especially ones you like/have personal experience with!)

Those that control BTC thwarted adoption with the high fees and variable reliability and thus delayed the wide array of benefits of P2P Cash to EVERYONE for years! This is just part of the reason why it IS important to keep as part of the discussion here things many of us take for granted… have heard/read about many times…

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)…

- IS Consistently Fast

- IS Consistently Inexpensive (sub-cent)

- IS Consistently Reliable

- IS Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash (and much more!)

While there are so many (even in the "tech community") that have little clue as to what is ALREADY available, we need to keep saying it… showing them… and making more/better solutions! Thank you to all that have got us this far!

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26 Jan 19 12:04

Check out this tweet.  I shared my story on Cent with Wired and the author of that article about micropayments.  In my story I included some links to Honest Cash.  

On Cent you can see replies sorted by value (example), but you can't see the #econ posts sorted by value.  It's the opposite here on HC.  

The biggest problem with both websites is that you can't spend money on your own posts.  It's the opposite on Facebook.  You can "boost" your own posts, but nobody else can.  

Regarding Bitbacker, as I explained here, Honest Cash's model is much better.

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