The Case for Social Conservatism Part 2: Choose Wisely

Jun 16, 19

The Case for Social Conservatism, Part 2: Choose wisely

The characteristics of sexually successful males will reflect on the potential of the next generation. If women choose poorly in their sexual lives, humanity will suffer. These choices have , until recently, been the domain of fathers choosing for their daughters. It was acknowledged that women are not reliable in their judgment of potential mates. With the sexual revolution around us, We have seen the disaster of unkempt sexual choice.

1. Intelligence is negatively selected for in a non-monogamous, free love society

We would assume that if intelligence were positively selected for in the dating market, intelligent people would be having more sex. We find this to be the opposite. Intelligent people (both men and women) find dating to be difficult. The practice of free sexuality promotes inferior genetics. Intellectuals spend most of their youth in education, women especially. While a man can produce children for decades, a woman has a narrow window of reproductive health.

2. Women select for genes associated with anti-social behaviors over pro-social.

Despite  platitudes to the contrary, we find that women are attracted to anti-social behaviors in men. Violent behavior is attractive to the fairer sex. Genetics which contribute to such behaviors are being selected for in the next generation. What is there to say about the future of humanity under these rubrics?

Narcissism,   Machiavellianism, and sociopathy are shown again to be aphrodisiacs to women.

"In conclusion, the results of our study demonstrate that the Dark Triad male personality is attractive to women and this effect Fig. 1. Structural model of the Dark Triad-Attractiveness relationship. 4 G.L. Carter et al. / Personality and Individual Differences xxx (2013) xxx–xxx Please cite this article in press as: Carter, G. L., et al. The Dark Triad personality: Attractiveness to women. Personality and Individual Differences (2013), is not mediated by these men’s greater perceived Extraversion or Neuroticism. Further work in the sexual marketplace could usefully pursue interactions (statistical and social) between sellers (Dark Triad men) and buyers (women). Regarding the former, does their attractiveness reside in female choice, or in their capacity to persuade and manipulate? For the latter, does the appeal of Dark Triad charm extend to only a subset of women?"

We are seeing the effects of this miscegenation first-hand.

 Note: The Decline is not an effect of immigration. This is purely a selection effect from female mating choice. Women are choosing low IQ, anti-social men and as a result, IQ is declining. The author goes on to say

Some men are disproportionately contributing , child-wise, to the norwegian birthrate. These men are mostly in the low-education bracket of society. Through female choice, we will sire a generation of less capable people.

More data

Even Long-term, Anti-social behaviors do not inhibit romantic success


Someone who has read the above and still resists might say the consequences of a free sexual market places are acceptable. To inhibit a woman's choice in mate would be a violation of freedom. This freedom is more important than the IQ of future generations, their capability to be upstanding citizens, or as we will see in future posts, stability of society itself. But I hope you understand what you are accepting. In a socially conservative world, A woman would be attached to her husband at an early age, producing healthy children, and living in the warm communal grounds of motherhood

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5 Dec 18 10:51

Very interesting article, thanks for putting it together.

I would however like to point out that it seems many of the studies cited do not show a direct correlation between female "preferences" and the children born. It could be that those females who prefer anti-social mates get less children in general or get children after having changed their preferences. I'm not saying this is the case, but the data presented does not provide enough evidence for me to conclude that we should not embrace a free society.

To be honest I think solving environmental issues and ensuring global peace are much more important to ensure survival of our species and these issues are best promoted in a free society.

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