The Case for Social Conservatism

Jun 16, 19

If conservatism were to be argued, it would often be given its case on the basis of either tradition or religion. The Religious argument given on the foundation of biblical or Koranic texts, while the traditional on the basis of the reliability of old ways over new. Either case, regardless of its apparent sense, can be disregarded  by its critics. Neither will convince someone who is apostate and who has no fond memories of past institutions. The purpose of this series of essays is to give social conservatism its due, without appealing to the aforementioned arguments.

Social Conservatism is

The acknowledged and enforced superiority of men over women

The Rejection of egalitarianism and universal right to vote and work

Marriage emphasized as the most important institution in society, and social mechanics established to encourage such unions

Any political philosophy which rejects the above is not social conservatism, and is instead a form of social liberalism. A society where women possess the right to vote and work, marry and divorce, will soon find itself becoming more liberal in time until full Social Democracy is instituted. Any society which rejects Monogamy and marriage will slide into chaos.

Women, if given the right to choose their own mates, will congregate around a small selection of males, depriving men of any opportunity of sound reproduction. The fairer sex is not fair in its appraisal of genetic worth. A female would much rather choose a felon over a doctor, a fling with a millionaire over a lifetime with a sensitive soul, and a lifetime of sexual escapism than a household with 4 children. 

Time is ill. Women who choose Independence over conservatism will find themselves with large sexual body counts. This will inhibit the production of healthy children. Men will not risk their wealth on tainted women, and so the society slides into division between the sexes. 

The subjugation of women is of the utmost importance.

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