Response to: XT Won't Follow May '19 BCH Fork


RE: XT Won't Follow May '19 BCH Fork

Jun 16, 19

Thanks for developing the software. "Regrettably from our perspective, BCH miners have not embraced the forward-looking stance of respecting a supermajority of themselves in matters of protocol evolution."

Perhaps some stronger communication and PR with the miners? I'm not an expert, nor miner, but from what we see last Nov 2018 upgrade, it seem miners weren't committed or communication to miners was limited. Perhaps I am wrong. Looks like only publishing the software and putting a note readme.txt there.

Hence alas a big storm happened, some miners followed one camp, some used another camp to increase hashrates. So on and so forth. In the end, we all lose, when we are comparing with bitcoin Blockstream.

Miners perhaps need, or should reword it as, developers need to go out, meet, call, Skype, have a meal, discuss, with mining pools and miners. Have a good rapport! Make sure all are happy!

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