Bitbox for Flutter: build native mobile Bitcoin Cash apps

2019-08-01T09:58:16.000Z Honest Cash

If you love Bitcoin Cash for improving personal liberty and financial freedom for everyone and Flutter for building beautiful native cross-platform mobile apps, here's a 2nd anniversary present for you - the lite Dart/Flutter version of's Bitbox SDK.

The first version is available at Github for anyone to check out, test, poke holes in, help to improve, and - with a massive amount of caution - to start using.

I'll give it a few days to see reactions and publish it to Dart's packages library to make it easier to include in your project.


This is a port of the original JS-based Bitbox library by Gabriel Cordana and, so first of all huge thanks to Gabriel and the whole team for doing so much for the BCH ecosystem.

Also I either re-used a lot of code originally wrote for Bitcoin or called some libraries (bip39 and bip32) by Github user anicdh, so Thanks big time to him. Without that it would take me many more weeks!

Happy 2nd anniversary BCH community!