Jun 16, 19

I'll be direct: That ain't 'Honest' enough for me!

Just now when I tried to make my first post, a repost of @MustacheTommy's (on Twitter) interesting pictorial take on @OfficialmcAfee's offer to help @cz_binance track down the $41m hackers, I'd rushed in here, only to find that there was not an Image Unloader here in the post processor window! Not even a disfunctional one.

Coders how can that be? Image Uploader is, (has been, really. Since Blogger and WordPress) a basic requirement for a platform like this. The internet won't go back, you know.. Enough said. Here's the post on steemit:

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26 May 19 05:33

You can load images. It doesn't work great, but it does work.

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26 May 19 12:40

Since I started here I haven’t been able to vote or upload a profile pic…

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