Hello, i'm new!

2019-07-25T15:40:37.000Z Honest Cash

I'm Dennis, living in Germany, suffering from the heatwave, turning 29 this year ( even tho my receding hairline tries to make me look like 40 ), comsuming too much Energy Drinks, and i basically stumbled upon this site while browsing random stuff in the Internet. 

Truth to be told, i never really did any research about cryptocurrency until today. So i am not only new to honest.cash but also to cryptocurrency in general. But i am eager to learn, and i will do so during my freetime. So please bear with me while i'm doing my babysteps. I decided to sign up here cause i figured its a cool place to start with cryptocurrency, and i really really like the idea behind it. I like to write, after all!

I will probably mostly write stuff about my life, cause life does tell the greatest stories after all. It will be about things i experienced, and while i am actually a very cheerful person ( atleast i consider myself so ), a few things i will write might not be that cheerful at all. Life's about up's and down's after all, and it's seldom balanced. Aside from that, i guess i will just type down whatever floats my mind. 

Well that basically sums it up. I just wanted to say "Hi". I am looking forward to this, and hope we get along well.

Greetings from Germany~