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Jun 16, 19

Hello Girls, Guys! :0)

My name is Juan, and I'm from France. I'm the music composer Solar Phasing. multi instrumentist, producer. I make soundscapes, electronic music, soundtracks, background sounds, sound effects (SFX). I'm also writing lyrics and music and playing guitar in a progressive rock band. In resume: I started learning and playing music in something like 1975. Played saxo alto in jazz bands and jam bands for a couple of years, then I started learning guitar and writing songs. I played blues and rock and roll for years, and still playing now, reheasal and concerts. In early 1990 I started recording with hardware recorders, experimenting with sound, and then on PC softwares in early 2000's with keyboards too. Well, I'm a music lover! I'm also a scifi fan and space lover.

My last official track, released as single on March 15, 2019: "Electron". Hope you will enjoy it. :0)


I'm curious about all forms of art: visual art, photography, writing, drawing, painting, etc.

I'm a gamer since a long long time. I play a lot of stuff. Mainly RPG, Roguelike, Dungeon Crawlers. Some MMos. Platformer, Builder, Simulation. Well, I love gaming. I follow and keep an eye with the indie game dev universe. Kind of geek.

I'm very interested on the world of cryptocurrencies. I have some music on Musicoin, Choon, DSound, Resonate, for now. A good start experience with the world of "crypto art"!

If you want to listen some of my compositions, feel free to check (as music lover, I generally follow back):

- Choon - Musicoin - Bandcamp - Spotify

If you are a gamedev or an artist needing music and sfx for all kind of projects, also check:

- GameDevMarket - Itchio - Songtradr for sync licensing.

You can join me on: (mainly)

- Twitter

It's a first introduction: #IntroduceYourself

I would be glad to share with you. You are all welcome! :0)

See you..

Have a peaceful journey. & Much #Love

Solar Phasing

Crypto enthousiast Artist,Composer. Long time Gamer, Geek. Space/Scifi fan.

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27 Mar 19 05:54

Welcome SolarPhasing! I also joined 2 days ago.

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27 Mar 19 02:32

Hey there, Welcome and thank you. :0)

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