Earn ATOM Tokens monetizing your music!

Jul 23, 19

Hey music lovers & friends,

Atom Collector Records (ACR@AtomCollector, the very active Indie Music Community just launched his own Steem Token, called ATOM. You can find this new ATOM Token on the Steem Token Market. But the most important thing is: You can earn ATOM Tokens listening other indie artists on the website, being tiped, participating on every week events, for example the now legendary Radio Evolved, giveways, playlists on #Choon, #Spotify, #Peertracks, etc.. and a bunch of another options. If you are an indie musicians and you want to get exposure for your art and start monetizing your music on the #Blockchain, that's the place to be! The Community Discord is full of valuable informations, tutorials, help, pals, and channels to share your material.

Check it out!

I started last week a music curation for Atom Collector RecordsSee you tomorrow to share with you the last week music artists highlight. :0)

Have a fantastic week!

ATOMic tracks of mine, from Electron Rock

Listen on Choon: Electron

Thank you so much for your great support! :0)

You can buy my music on 



More Music : https://choon.co/artists/solarphasing/

Juan, @SolarPhasing

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