Earn ATOM Tokens monetizing your music!

2019-04-03T02:10:32.000Z Honest Cash

Hello Music Lovers,

In a world where cryptocurrencies are now more and more used to make purchases, as a musician can we sell our music by offering to music lovers to acquire our albums and our singles by paying with cryptocurrencies?

A relationship of trust must be established, I am sure we can. I decided to embark myself on this experience and offer to buy my music using a certain amount of different cryptocurrency available via Freewallet.

Get this 3 releases for $2 in cryptos!! :0)

- My first EP: "Relics"

- My second Album: "On The Edge Of The Galaxy"

- And my newest single: "Electron"

are now available for purchase with cryptos, for a limited time, at the very attractive price of $2. You only need to send an amount of $2 with the cryptocurrency of your choice to receive these 3 releases (let me 12 hours to do it). Plus: I will join with the 3 releases some bonus tracks. :0)

You want to support me?

You need to choose the same crypto as my side too (at right part: Choose Wallet), you will get the wallet adress. Important: put your email adress or a profile where I can send you the 3 releases in the memo of your payment. You can leave me a message here too.

Available Cryptocurrencies Payment: ETH, BTC, LTC, Doge, Dash, EOS, XMR, XRP. (if you want to suggest a new cryptocurrency, leave a reply please).

Exemple for ETH: https://freewallet.org/id/solarphasing/eth

Also. Please, if you want, you can reply to the question: Will you buy music with crypto? To know what are you thinking about it.

Thank you very much for your support!

Wishing you all a fantastic week! :0)

Juan, @SolarPhasing


Spotify Me: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0FarK4tJsP9D043gqpMCzN

More Music : https://choon.co/artists/solarphasing/