SMARTVALOR AIRDROPS FOR $20 USD (VALOR TOKEN) already Listed on CoinMarketCap

2019-07-30T14:46:08.000Z Honest Cash


Smartvalor is the first decentralized global marketplace for tokenized alternative investments. Their mission is to give access to digital assets to people around the world in an easy, secure and compliant way.

Smartvalor is airdropping 10 VALOR ($20)tokens to their community members as a part of their pre-launch offer. Simply sign up at their website and complete your KYC to receive your VALOR tokens. Earn 5 VALORtokens for referred friend. VALOR is already listed on CoinMarketCap.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Visit theSMART VALOR website.Sign up and verify your email address.Complete your KYC.You will receive10 VALOR tokens($20) tokens.You can also referrer friends to earn ~5 VALOR($10) tokens for each ref.

NOTE: The receival of VALOR is conditioned on the successfully passed KYC. The credited VALOR is subject to 6-month lock-up period and at least one trade in the amount of minimum 20 CHF withing 30 days.

Smart valor on CoinMarketCap

Grab your $20 for free by signed up on smartvalor, Here's the link...

Smartvalor Airdrops $20 USD