To Mine, or Not to Mine? #00

Jun 16, 19

I've reached a critical mass of savings (500k bits). Now I need to deploy this capital.

I love Bitcoin to death, idealogically. But looking at the details of actually mining is humbling af.

I've scantily done some research on quick and easy plug n play guides for how to mine. It's been pretty bad. They all start w what mining is, idealogically. I get that part! Now I need the technical/practical knowledge!

A Plug n Play guide would be v useful. A Brain Dead Simple Instruction to mining that lays out

1) all the equipment to buy/necessary (not contrasting miners & whatnot, just tell me)

2) how to set up the equipment

3) operational best practice (miner conditions/location, energy source, wallet setup, etc.)

4) how to measure performance

Since I haven't found an easily available one online, I might do it myself on HonestCash. Piecemeal first. Documenting progress. Then a one-page guide once successful.

I'll be updating periodically.

Upvote to increase my motivation & social accountability!

I've been delaying this for far too long. No more cloud mining!

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