20´s and very confussed

2019-07-27T07:38:20.000Z Honest Cash

Have you ever stop and think about what´s the life about?? Because I often do this, and I´m so lost in ocations. They, the "experts", used to call it "the 20s crisis", but how does it really feels like?

In case you been asking this, or if you are in your sweet sweet twentys, I´m going to start telling you that is pretty much confusing and a totally mess in your head. The case is that you feel alone and missunderstood because you need your space, I mean, your  own and personal space, but the thing is that for this beautiful privilege you need money,the fucking money every single day because, Obviously! with money you can for example pay the rent, food, clottes, the phone, the bills, etc, etc, etc.... That is, EVERYTHING comes true with the mother fucking money.

When I whas little I used to think, -So, If the problem is the money, why dont just do they print more money and that's it, so there would be more for people, in addition, and in passing, they could give us free money, that would solve everyone's problems?!-  An then my mom goes explain me a lot of things about government, taxes and inflation that in my short years it was impossible for me to understand, and that my gorgeous ideas was totally a dream that will never come true.


people usually do not usually see it, but most of the regular young people who are going through their twenty-odd years, go through the same problem that clouds their heads of questions day by day, "how to achieve my financial independence, without dying in trying or while waiting for tedious 5 to 10 years of studies? " And that's when you start looking for alternatives to fill your wallet a little more like Honest Cash or other seismic platforms.

In short, this is a little what I am doing, experiencing options and hoping that a divine consciousness illuminates mine and one of these days everything goes well.

Experiment # 1 and counting .....