The Guts of Merchants in Venezuela

2019-09-10T00:01:32.000Z Honest Cash

Living in Venezuela today is synonymous with uncertainty and anguish. Every day, inflation is eaten, not only the money of Venezuelans, but the hope of living better and being able to buy at least some shoes. 

The merchants or sellers of any supermarket, grocery or store, sell their products not at double the price, but at triple, based on the cost of bolivares per dollar. However, even if the currency is overvalued against the dollar, the traders do not respect the frame of reference of what each dollar is worth, by bolivars and then they speculate at triple or even, quadruple with the prices established in the market.

The government, being a chaos in the control of the country’s financial movements, for being a Narco-tyranny, in which 80% of the countries of the world do not recognize it as a government, for being anti-democratic and totalitarian, they don’t care about this because it benefits from any disaster and any illegality, since in socialist-communist governments, STARVING, MISERY AND CHAOS are their allies for the domination and pervency of the consciousness of their inhabitants.

I am simply a primary school teacher and I also work for a music school, both public, I survive or try to survive with a monthly salary of $3, which with that amount, is almost impossible to live comfortably.

Food sellers take advantage of the situation, and are not at all balanced when selling. They want to make three or four times what they sell.

But, currently I’m looking for alternatives to make money, through the internet and crypto currencies, to see if I can make savings in dollars that is more profitable so I can buy more comfortably, without my pocket or wallet, It looks like a bottomless pit.

I hope that with this first writing in "", I can start earning my first apricots so that I can continue to write and earn more, thanks to the insights of those who read to me. I hope you enjoyed my first paper.