Why you should be using BAT and the Brave Web Browser

Jun 16, 19

Ok,ok I get it that we all like BCH here, but I think we all agree that being in the BCH camp makes us pretty open minded to other coins that also enrich the crypto environment.

Personally I have been a fan of the Basic Attention Token for about a year, and have been following the progress of Brave as well. We have finally come to the point with Brave, where they pay you in BAT for watching ads on the browser, and its better than I expected!!!

Opening an ad that you know you are being paid (2 cents currently) for is just a different experience. They pop up about every 45 minutes on my browser and you can opt into or out of them. The ones that you open and check out are logged and you get 0.05 BAT in return.

Because I'm being paid, even 2 cents, I'm paying way more attention!!! Advertisers take note!!!!!

Currently the BAT market cap is sub $500M. I think its a good bet that with this new paradigm shift in online advertising, BAT will be a MULTI BILLION $ market cap.

If you have been in Crypto long enough you can see where this is going. Accumulate BAT now and crush the future!!!!

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